League Rules

Chair person: Dee Mistry email deemistry@hotmail.com 07958 506215  (Moat Flames)

Secretary & Fixtures: Mandy Payne mandy.pollard@btinternet.com 07801 515390 (Leicester Cannons)

Treasurer: Gill Kershaw gill.kershaw@icloud.com 07816 953844 (Ashby Aztecs)

Facebook Page: Lucie Aldwinckle lucie769@gmail.com 07718 184205 (Moat Flames)

Committee Members:  As of AGM 2015 1 or 2 from each club:

Leicester Police: Rachel Warner

Tile Hill: Julie Lowe

Leicester Warriors: Reuben Walker

Melton: Katie Mogg

Kettering Phoenix: Sasha Acland

Ilkeston Outlaws: John Joyce, Paul Booth

Junior Girls Basketball contacts: Reuben, Mandy, Paul

League Fees, Rules and Regulations & Information

League & Cup Entry Fee £70 ( As agreed with L&RBA fees)

CUP Only Fee is £45

Fine Top Up Deposit £45

All payable by 1st October 2014 to LWBL

The home team must provide:-

a)       Two table officials, one of whom must be qualified.

b)       Neither official may play or coach in the game at which they are officiating.

c)        Table equipment, which should include a visual passage of time and a visual score.

Failure to comply with this may result in the game being forfeited.

Pay referees Cash before game

Spectators are the home clubs responsibility and should not be on team bench only registered players & coach

No Full court press when 20 points up

Home team to text the result to 07801 515390 within 48 HOURS of game being played.

Home team to scan and email or Post White copy to Mandy Payne within 7 days of game played. A £5.00 fine if not received, this will be imposed for 2014-15. The game will be forfeit if not received by end of season.

Mandy Payne

19 Chester Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4HB

Or email: mandy.pollard@btinternet.com

All score sheets should be fully completed, including match number, referees names and date. Failure to do so will result in a £3.00 fine. An Email reminder will be sent and then repeat offenders will be fined.

Each player must be registered with the Basketball England before they can play in any LWBL fixture and they may play for one Leicestershire League Club only in the League, unless given dispensation by the LWBL Committee.  Failure to register will result in automatic forfeiture of all games concerned.

Registration cards to be presented before game starts. Registration numbers must appear on score sheets. Each occasion this is not complied with clubs will be fined £3.00. NO CARD NO PLAY This is a BE & LeBOA directive.

All teams must hand in a list of players and registration numbers to the Secretary by 31st  October 2015 for CUP entry as well as League. Failure to do so may result in a fine of £10.00 per team.  Additional registrations to be notified to the Secretary but will not be able to play in the cup unless received before the first round. Failure to do this may result in forfeiture of any games played after that time and/or a fine of £1.00 per player.

If a fixture is postponed, the home team shall, within 14 days of the original date, offer the away team all the alternative dates. It is the responsibility of the team who is postponing to make sure all parties are informed the game has been postponed, including all referees and John Mumford who does the original appointments. If this has not been adhered to then the team who postponed will be liable for the fees incurred.

The away team shall then select one of these dates within a further 7 days.  If clubs cannot agree a date, then the Secretary will mediate and if necessary Impose a date, which will be binding for both teams including any rescheduling of other fixtures.  If this procedure is not followed a fine of £5.00 and any expenses incurred by the opposing team will have to be met.

At least eight days notice of postponement or cancellation should normally be given, otherwise the game will be forfeited and the offending team liable to a fine of £5.00 and the team may be liable for the expenses of the fixture and the court fees. However, the committee is aware that this is not always possible so will be lenient and treat each postponement as a special scenario.

Tip-off times:-

a)       All games must start no later than 8.45pm and no earlier than 6.30pm.

b)       All games must be played during the week, which is Monday to Friday, unless under special circumstances and BOTH Clubs must be in agreement.

In the event of a club having more than one team, as soon as a Senior player has played for a superior team for 5 games she is then considered a member of that team and cannot play for any other team within her club. There is no restriction on movement for Junior players. Clubs wishing to reinstate players with a lower team must apply to the Committee.

In the case of clubs with more than one team, once a player has appeared in the superior team 5 times they cannot play for the lower team in the Cup competition.   Failure to comply with this rule will result in the cup game being forfeited and a £5.00 fine. The First team in the Cup draw will be the clubs premier team.

In the event of a colour clash the home team shall change.

A club whose nominated official fails to fulfil their nominated refereeing appointment shall be fined £10.00 and may be liable to pay the expenses of the fixture.  Any team failing to provide an appointed official on three occasions during the season may be expelled. This applies to Officiating in both Mens and Womens leagues.


a)       Protests concerning violations of the League or BE rules must be lodged in writing to the Secretary within 3 days of the occurrence.  The protests will be considered by the League Committee in consultation with the parties involved.

b)       Appeals against decisions made by the Committee should be sent in writing by the Club Secretary to the Secretary no later than seven days prior to the next scheduled Committee meeting.  The Club Secretary and one other representative will be invited to attend that part of that meeting pertaining to the appeal.

c)        The right of appeal to LBBA is granted against any decision of the Committee.

The number of current senior NBL registered players is limited to 3 per game, but no restrictions on Junior National League Players. All senior NBL registered players must play for the Club’s premier side in the League. All NBL players must have a duplicate local league licence which they can access from Jim Pearson Leicestershire’s registrar or your Area equivalent.