League Rules

League Rules for All competitions


All players must be registered to England Basketball, the LBBL or provide personal insurance. General rules will be as the LBBL with the following changes.

1a.  Game duration will be 24 minutes (two 12 minute halves).
1b.  Running clock except for a) Injury, b) The final minute of the second half.
1c.  Overtime periods in play offs only (if needed) will be 2 minutes.
1d.  Warm-up time will be 5 minutes & halftime will be 2 minutes.
1e.  No Timeouts!

2a.  A player who obtains their 4th foul will be eliminated from that game.
2b.  In the event of a shooting foul (or team foul) the offensive team will be awarded 2 points (or 3 points for a 3 point shot).
2c.  In the event of a shooting foul with the basket being scored the "and 1" will count.
2d. A technical foul will be awarded as 2 points to the opposing team.

3a.  All teams must be at the court 5 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
3b.  Forfeits for delay in a team’s arrival at court for a game will be jointly decided by the game official and tournament organisers.

4) HANDICAP SYSTEM (not currently being used)

But can be implemented especially in the Junior competition is mixed age groups.