Executive Committee

LWBL Executive Committee

Chair person: Dee Mistry email deemistry@hotmail.com 07958 506215 (Moat Flames)

Secretary & Fixtures: Mandy Payne mandy.pollard@btinternet.com 07801 515390 (Cannons)

Treasurer: Gill Kershaw gill.kershaw@icloud.com 07816 953844 (Ashby Aztecs)

Facebook Page: Lucie Aldwinckle lucie769@gmail.com 07718 184205 (Moat Flames)

Committee Members: As of the 2014 AGM attendees, 1 or 2 from each club

Leicester Police: Amy Christie, Vicky

Tile Hill: Sarah Lewis

Leicester Warriors: Reuben Walker

Melton: Naomi Clarke

Kettering Phoenix: Sasha Acland

Ilkeston Outlaws: John Joyce, Paul Booth


Junior Girls Basketball contacts: Reuben, Sarah, Mandy, Paul