Cup Rules and Regulations

Leicestershire and Rutland Basketball Association


Rules and Regulations Governing L&RBA Cup Competitions

1. Eligibility:

1.1. Participation in Leicestershire & Rutland Basketball Association Cup Competitions will be by invitation to teams from Clubs who affiliate with the Association or take out Associate Membership.

1.2. A Cup draw will take place in August from a list of Clubs registered as playing in Leagues within the region covered by this Association.  The L&RBA Executive Committee shall decide the competition structure each season and in which cup a team will play.

1.3. Any Club not affiliated to the Association by 31st October may be withdrawn from the competition and their opponents given a bye.

2. Player Requirements:

2.1. Male players may only play for one team and in only one cup competition; female players may also play for one team in one men’s cup competition.

2.2. All players to be registered with EB by 31st October.  Players registered after that date shall not be eligible to play in any senior competition.

2.3. The list of players for each Cup Competition shall be forwarded to the Competition Secretary on the form provided and must be received by 31st October. An electronic version of the form is available on the L&RBA website and this can be emailed to the Competition Secretary or the Chair.

2.4. Only two (2) current BBL registered players will be allowed to play per team in any one game.  All current Senior BBL/NBL registered players must play for a club’s premier side.

2.5. A player’s status will be determined on 31st October unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

2.6. Any team playing unregistered players, players registered after 31st October (subject to 2.5) or players not declared on the listing will forfeit the match and shall be liable to a fine of £10.00 for each offence plus possible suspension from future competitions. All players listed on the game scoresheet are considered available to play in that game and therefore subject to the above conditions.

3. Officials for all Competitions:

3.1. LeBOA will appoint two neutral Referees to all Cup fixtures.

3.2. The combined cost of the Referees will be equally shared in all rounds other than the Final.

3.3. The supply and finance of Table Officials will be the responsibility of the home team.

3.4. LeBOA will appoint referees for the Finals.

3.5. Finalists shall provide one table official at their own cost.

4. The Finals of all competitions will be played on a Saturday or a Sunday during March or April and at a venue to be decided by the Association.

5. All cup fixtures shall normally be played in weeks designated as “Cup Weeks”.  Defaulting teams must agree to play on a new date two weeks prior to the next round. Rearranged games take priority over League games.  If not played the team postponing the original fixture will forfeit the game.

6. The penalty for not fulfilling a cup fixture will normally be a £20.00 fine and possible exclusion from competitions the following season.  Defaulting Clubs may also be held responsible for any expenses incurred.

7. Match result sheets and Referee assessment forms shall be posted to the Cup Competitions Secretary within 48 hours of the fixture being played.  Failure to do this will result in a £5.00 fine and possible exclusion from the competition.

8. Protests relating to violations of Competition Rules, or claims for matches, shall be posted (in duplicate) or emailed to the Competitions Secretary within 48 hours of the scheduled date of the fixture.

9. All player registration numbers must appear on the scoresheet.  Failure to comply will result in a £10.00 fine.

10. The Competitions Secretary can make a decision in consultation with at least two other members of the Executive Committee on any situation not covered by the above Rules & Regulations.

11. Winners will be held financially responsible for the perpetual trophy whilst it is in their possession and any damage will be invoiced to the Club concerned.  Trophies must be returned on demand.

12. Teams with unpaid fines will be excluded from future competitions.



The Cup Competition Secretary for all L&RBA Competitions 20013/14 - Jen Doughty