1. Name
1.1. The organisation shall be called the Leicestershire Women’s Basketball League hereafter referred to as the League

2. Aim
2.1. The League shall promote and encourage the game of basketball for women by:-
2.1.1. The organisation of regular fixtures for club teams on a league basis.
2.1.2. The organisation of such events from time to time as may seem desirable.
2.1.3. The rules of the League are contained in and form part of the Constitution.

3. Membership
3.1. The Executive Committee shall approve application for membership to the League at their discretion

4.  Membership Fees
4.1. Annual membership fees shall be stipulated by the AGM and shall be payable by 30th September.

5. Management
5.1. The management of the League shall be vested in the Executive Committee.
5.2. The Committee shall comprise of Chairperson, Fixture Secretary, Results Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and one other member.
5.3. The Committee shall be elected at the AGM.

6. Committee Meetings
6.1. Any business transactions may be made in consultation with at least two members of the Committee.
6.2. The Committee at such a meeting shall appoint the President and Vice-Presidents of the League.

7. President
7.1. The President shall give advice to the League management where necessary.

8. A.G.M.
8.1. The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held during May.  At least one calendar month’s notice of the meeting shall be given to all member teams/
8.2. Each team must send one representative to the AGM.  Failure to do so will incur a fine of £15.00
8.3. Representatives of one half of the team membership shall form a quorum.
8.4. The business of the meeting shall be:-
8.4.1. Apologies for absence
8.4.2. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM.
8.4.3. Any matters arising from these minutes.
8.4.4. Adoption of Secretary’s Report.
8.4.5. Adoption of Treasurer’s Report.
8.4.6. To elect officers for the coming year.
8.4.7. To consider alterations to the League rules.
8.4.8. To consider amendments to the constitution.
8.4.9. To appoint an Auditor.
8.4.10. Any other business.
8.5. Resolutions passed at the AGM shall operate at least until the next AGM.

9. Voting at the AGM
9.1. Each member team and each member of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to one vote at the AGM.
9.2. All matters shall be decided by ballot or show of hands of those numbers present and qualified to vote.
9.3. No person may vote in more than one capacity.
9.4. A majority in excess of opposition of one third of the votes cast shall be necessary to carry any resolution in respect of the Constitution of the League.  Other resolutions shall be decided by a simple majority, and in the event of a tie the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.

10. E.G.M.
10.1. An EGM shall be called at any time by:-
10.1.1. The Executive Committee
10.1.2. The President
10.1.3. Upon receipt in writing of a request by a minimum if four member teams.
10.2. At least 14 days notice of the meeting shall be given in writing to all member teams.
10.3. Those entitled to attend are as Follows:-
10.3.1. President and Vice-Presidents
10.3.2. Executive Committee
10.3.3. One representative from each team who is not a Committee member.
10.4. No other business may be transacted at such a meeting other than the original business of that EGM.
10.5. Half of the team membership shall form a quorum.
10.6. Voting procedure shall be as at the AGM.

11. Finance
11.1. The financial year of the League shall end on 30th April.
11.2. As soon after 30th April the Treasurer shall submit the accounts to the Honorary Auditor and the cash statement and the income and expenditure sheet shall be available for all who attend the AGM and shall be presented at the meeting.
11.3. Any funds accrued by the League shall be the property of the League.
11.4. Cheques must be signed by any of the following: - Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary.
11.5. All monies shall be made payable to the account of Leicestershire Women’s Basketball League.

12. Alterations
12.1. No alterations shall be made to this Constitution other than at an AGM or EGM called for that purpose.  Any suggested alterations or additions to the Constitution should be received by the Chair person in writing two weeks prior to the AGM.

13. Emergency
13.1. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act for the League in cases of emergency.

As amended at the 2006 AGM.